"I came to The Kitchen at a very tough moment in my existence; I had to decide what to do with my life. I tended to hold too many projects which is as good as having none.


During our sessions, two face to face following through more sessions on the phone, I was able to make a clear choice related to my profession and felt a lot more focused.


I would recommend life coaching to any person who need clarity in life."

(Elisabeth, interpreter and translator – England)


"Thank you for this wonderful experience of coaching. I have found such a sense of growth, balance and peace since working with you. I found that working with you has helped me to work through areas of my life I felt blocked in.

I feel that sometimes I can see things in terms of black and white and you helped me find the grey and the middle ground. You have a wonderful perceptive ability to say the right thing at the right time and to help me realise what I needed to realise.


Through working with you I now feel more empowered, more aware and more conscious of boundaries in my work and my relationship. I feel more adult and more able to talk things through and I have no hesitation in recommending you to other people. I loved the values exercise and the way you hold the sessions.

Thank you for this support and for being such a great coach."

(Cate, trainer and artist – England)


"Roxana was my coach for nearly 10 months. I found her to be incredibly supportive, human and sensitive. I admired her ability to help me to explore different perspectives to challenges that I faced and her willingness to be flexible around the areas we covered.


As a result of being coached, I am now:


Valuing myself and what I have to offer through my work Setting boundaries in relationships much more effectively Using the techniques from the coaching sessions in my day to day life"

(Francesca, mother returning to work – Italy)


"Roxana gently but firmly guides you to make your own decisions. She takes no prisoners but the journey towards your goal is quicker and more exhilarating.


I found the future visioning exercise particularly useful. It was a great tool to help me focus and to create a new positive future for myself as if it was happening right now. Doing this exercise had shifted my attitude from doubt about my future and intertia to hope and action.


If you want indulgence, go and see a therapist. If you want a person who puts you on the right path and you are willing to say "yes" before you jump right in then Rossana is the coach for you."

(Valerie, designer – England)


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"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world... as in being able to remake ourselves." (Mahatma Gandhi)