one2one coaching

The primary aim of the Human Revolution coaching and mentoring is to support you on the ongoing journey to manifesting your sense of purpose, defining and readjusting your vision and master the destiny you were born to fulfil.


Whilst growing and evolving, you will learn the secret for creating value out of any situation, relatioship, or challenge along the way. True success lies in the empowerment that comes from knowing yourself intimately and mastering your mind to reveal your true amazing self.


What is Life Coaching

Generally speaking, coaching is a professional and personal relationship between the client and the coach that provides individuals the opportunity to take time out to focus, reflect and think clearly about what matters most – their lives.

The role of the coach includes combining powerful questions with focused listening to help the clients create clarity, confidence and certainty so that they can manage change more effectively. The role of the client is to be proactive and to take responsibility for making the changes required.

Coaches are there to help discover what clients want, and to assist in developing their potential. Rather than imposing a set of beliefs or a course of action upon the clients, a coach will work co- operatively to assist them in making the decisions best served to changing their life.


Typically, the process of coaching involves:


  • Identifying what your goals are 
  • Turning these goals into concrete objectives 
  • Creating a self-image that could achieve these objectives 
  • Forming a plan to realise this self-image 
  • Building a support framework Executing the plan

The number of sessions required vary from 3 sessions to 3 months on average, depending on the client’s requirement. Each session is pre-arranged and lasts 45-60 minutes. Coaching can be conducted either face-to-face or by telephone, usually once a week. The benefits are felt right from the start.


Pricing Structure

At The Kitchen we are striving to reach everyone with our vision and support, so we have created a pricing structure which ensures that all who require our services can access them.


When you book a coaching session at The Kitchen you choose what you want to pay us. We agree a convenient time & you come to this page & choose the payment option you feel is appropriate to your present situation. The options are as follows:


Option 1

Pay It Forward

Many people are in situations where they are struggling to pay their bills, yet determined to create the life of their dreams. This is our minimum rate, and is set up so that no one is excluded from receiving the support they require to achieve their dreams.


Option 2

I Can Pay My Bills/ Start Up Phase of Business

This option is set up to provide visionaries and entrepreneurs the support with their personal vision & leadership requirements as well as video communication strategies when they need it, without causing a drain on their cash flow. Our aim is to encourage individuals to believe in their vision and find fulfilment through the realisation of their unique contribution, if our fees were too high in the early stages of transition from dreamer to achiever this could stop them before they even started and the world would miss out too. Which is the opposite of what we stand for.


Option 3

I Run A Successful & Profitable Business

This option is for the entrepreneur who runs a profitable business but wants to raise their mission on to another level.


"The meeting of two individuals is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both are transformed." (CG Jung)