the kitchen stories

This is The Kitchen signature programme: a blend of Leadership Coaching through Filmmaking and Storytelling with Video Bio Production all in one Programme.


Stories unfold by the kitchen hearth and, as human beings are story telling creatures, we have now become more aware that our essence and identities are intimately connected with them. By using filmmaking techniques you can discover the dynamics behind your understanding of life, increase your confidence, improve your business, find coherence, and become the persona that will achieve your most ambitious vision.


The Kitchen Stories is a creative leadership coaching programme and a powerful marketing tool combined together for maximum impact!


This is a hero’s journey through life coaching and the exploration of storytelling to align you, the leader, with your true purpose and prepare you to blueprint your destiny. Our hero’s journey covers many aspects and below are just some of the things you will discover on the programme:


  • Reality and interpretation: change your story change your life 
  • The nature of story and story structure 
  • Close Up: your projections 
  • The hierarchy of values
  • Purpose, vision and mission. Why not a legacy? 
  • Heros, mentors and The Circle of Excellence
  • Storyboarding your life: the power of images and the language of impact 
  • Preparing for the interview 
  • Frame it, name it and claim it! Crystallise your message.


PART TWO This is the marketing tool: the video bio. This is a professional video production of your story to upload on your website. It consists of half a day shooting session, editing, dvd copy and Youtube hosting.


You have a choice of two production styles:


Kitchen Stories

This is half a day video or audio shoot of the personal story you have re-written during the coaching journey. The finished product is a video story created by you with the support of a filmmaker and can be uploaded on to your website or it can just be on dvd for your personal use.


Kitchen Stories video bio is a powerful way of looking at your story from a different perspective. Let yourself be amazed at the empowering effect of the complete video production!




Beyond Branding

This is the business variation of the Kitchen Stories video bios, specific for entrepreneurs. This is an individual half-a-day video shoot, an interview which will then be condensed into a 3 minutes video biography that allows you to communicates your powerful message to the world.


Beyond Branding is the story that shares the driving force behind your vision and business enterprise, and helps your target audience to understand and connect with your business on a human level. Because it is not all about selling your services or products or image. This is about who you are, why you do what you do, and what the mission of your unique existence is. It is about creating value and making a difference to society through your business or professional life.


We can't rely on anyone but ourselves to define our existence, to shape the image of ourselves. (Spike Lee)