direct your life with V.I.D.E.O.

Connect with your passion.

Commit to your vision.

Focus on the next step.

Personal Leadership Coaching Through the I of the Lens


As human beings are story telling creatures, we have now become more aware that our essence and identities are intimately connected with them. By using filmmaking techniques you can discover the dynamics behind your understanding of life, increase your confidence, improve your business, find coherence, and become the persona that will achieve your most ambitious vision.


The Hero's Journey that puts you in charge of your life 


Direct Your LIfe is a hero’s journey through life coaching and the exploration of storytelling to align you, the leader, with your true purpose and prepare you to blueprint your destiny. Direct Your Life covers many aspects and below are just some of the things you will discover on the programme:


  • Reality and interpretation: change your story change your life 
  • The nature of story and the one you buy yourself into 
  • Close Up: your projections 
  • The hierarchy of values
  • Purpose, vision and mission. Why not a legacy? 
  • Heros, mentors and The Circle of Excellence 
  • The power of images and the language of impact


This leadership coaching style is suitable for you if you are ready for change, want to take charge of your life and find a meaningful direction. You become the captain of your ship. The director and hero of your own adventure. 


It lets you discover your true passion and purpose and then sets you fired up ready to fulfil your mission unafraid of anything! It gives you tools for a continuous successful journey long after you have started it, so that you are never alone or unprepared to face your challenges and your set backs. 


"You've stolen me and I've come to get myself back!" (Captain Jack Sparrow)