roxana chiarelli

As a former filmmaker, I trained as a film editor, scriptwriter and director and then worked in the tv and film industry for over 7 years before I had a life changing accident that turned my life up-side-down!

I have worked in post production for various companies including National Geographic Channel, Sky, Endemol, the producers of The Full Monty, and some great Italian directors including Ermanno Olmi, Ferzan Ospetek and Sergio Castellitto in award winning film productions.


Watch my personal quest for identity explored through filmmaking long before youtube existed. My video story    

 X Isles led to a series of showings, talks and the article 

Shooting From The Belly published in “Spinning Lifelines, Women’s Autobiographical Writing”. It was a healing personal journey that took me from a place of disempowerment to a space of inner freedom. It also embedded multiculturalism in my genes.



Creative Life Coach and Filmmaker


"We go beyond branding because creativity is the most powerful tool for transformation. The world is finally catching up with the realisation that identity is like the script of a film, so our life story and our personal identity can be re-written by us. Far from being a fake, this realisation puts each of us in control of our own destiny and gives us the freedom to be who we really want to be or become." 

"I shoot from the belly to produce State-of-the-Heart video stories" (Roxana)